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124 definitions by tOmmy

When a man douses his cock in Barcardi 151, lights it, and then proceeds to fuck his partner in the ass.
The only way she could get off was by him giving her the ol' flaming pete.
by Tommy January 27, 2003
Awesome T.V. show that airs Monday nights 11:00PM Eastern time on Spike TV. I highly suggest you watch the show.

The show also airs Saturday nights at 10:00PM Eastern time.

16 guys all want to become a UFC fighter and get a UFC contract, each week two guys fight. The loser gets sent home, if they get knocked out; the winner gets 5 grand cash in their pocket.
Can't do anything tonight; I'm going to watch The Ultimate Figher at 11:00 tonight.
by Tommy March 13, 2005
A figure of speech in which one has lost somehting so close that is of strong desire by him or to him by others.
Also the name of the first Gothic Metal band
Paradise Lost, man, Paradise Lost.
by Tommy August 23, 2003
Go away, you part-time supporter of Macclesfield Town Football Club
by Tommy April 01, 2003
- a person who is a bomb
- a person who is named tom and is a bomb
- explodes on contact
tombomb is GODLIKE

u really are a tombomb bitch
by tommy April 14, 2005
PC Plum is a character from British kids show Balamoray, which is sweeping the nation.

He's a policeman who sings songs & helps Miss Hoolie solve crimes.
I'm PC Plum, I love the country!
by tommy December 04, 2004
Movie found on Ebaums world involving 2 guys singing about breakfast in sync.
Guy 1: Milk and Cereal!
Guy 2: Milk and Cereal!
Guy 1: Cereal and Milk!
Guy 2: Cereal and Milk!
by tommy December 17, 2004