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this game has amazing quotes. (see below)
my compliments on a job well done mr teal.
please tommy, i hate the damn french.
gigglecream, because desserts should be funny.
tommy tommy i like fish, i love fish. but as much as i love them, i dont want to sleep with them!
your going down ya backstabbing prick!
just keep the camera pointed at the poontang.
you better start talking!
hey, can i borrow a knife?
rated 'R' for retarded.
we need some drugs pal!
screw you man.
man you the man man i like you man i like you a lot!
any time man cos you got big cojones and all my friends they have biiig cojones!
i want to hear you scrrrrrrream!
freeze asshole!
wheres your car hun?
ill be your medicine!
thank you.
ooh look a giant fish...
oh yeah oh yeah ooh yes yes YES ooooh!

beat that.
by tommy April 29, 2004
A northern term used to discribe a womens head lamps when on main beam
I saw this girl, it was so cold she had nips like chapel hat pegs
by Tommy October 22, 2003
An automobile that very few people know much about.
If tuned and modified properly, a Grand National will perform better than the competition when equal cash is spent.
by Tommy March 23, 2003
one bad-ass wrestler from the wwe(World Wrestling Entertainment)
Woah! Did you just see undertaker chokeslam that bitch!
by Tommy June 20, 2004
to carry a gun or some other type of firearm
don't mess with him, he came heavy
by tommy August 12, 2003
a white boy who thinks he's black, hangs out with nothin but black people, wears baggy pants, talks slang, thinks he's a player, thinks he's a "homeboy", and uses "yo" too much, and thinks he's a gangster but he's really a wankster
yo, yo ,yo homeboy yo you heard dat new eminem junk yet yo
by tommy February 14, 2004
A greeting such as Hello my friend, How are you doing today.
"What they do cuz?"

"Chillin at my krib"
by Tommy November 22, 2003
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