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124 definitions by tOmmy

a very very very dark mexican who sounds like a girl.
damn oscar ur dark.I know.
by tommy July 21, 2003
i beat u up
man dawg i messed u up
by Tommy May 02, 2003
1.The swelling of the the testicles brought about by a number of reasons harboring excruciating pain and sorrow
2.The only crime worse than rape
contrary to popular belief, it can NOT always be relieved by getting off.
by Tommy May 19, 2004
The most beautifully awesome word ever
I wasn't very sure about the young lady I was entertaining myself with...until she pulled a splif out of her purse.
by tommy July 19, 2004
Word not able to be said without sounding homosexual.
Tom: "omfg d00d ur such a thwip!"

Sam: "are you comming on to me?!"
by Tommy October 26, 2004