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yay slang for "you know wad i mean"
also yadadabooboo, yadadasayin, yadadimean...
i smoke that purp yadadamean.
mayne im thizzin yadadamean.
by tHiiZ Or dIE!!! May 05, 2006
1. GoInG "DuMB"...
2. BaZikLy AcTinG sTrAiGhT IgNaNT, dUMb,sTUpiD,rEtArDeD
1.going hyphy in a sideshow.
2.poppin a pill and go hyphy.
by tHiiZ Or dIE!!! May 04, 2006
to leave or say good-bye
peace out my niggy, iight duce wid it.
by tHiiZ Or dIE!!! May 05, 2006

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