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A noun that is used to bring attention to a foolish person. Can also be used for a good friend that you shoot the shit with in good humor, or someone who never takes anything seriously.
Peep this jokah right here! He stuck his finger up his butt and then he tried to make me smell it. Sike!!! Now you sitting there with the dookie finger looking stupid.
by theBX41 October 30, 2012
A word used for your main man, or a friend that you trust enough to call your brother. Short version buzz is used for any random dude whose name is unknown but you're having a conversation with him anyway. It is rare for a female to be called a buzzah, and even more rare for a female to use the word itself.
>What's going on my buzzah?
>> Nothing much right now, buzz.

>Yo, you got that money from Wallace?
>>Nah, but I passed through his place and told buzz that he got till next week to pay up that pound he owes.
by THEBX41 November 26, 2012
(Verb) that you use to express your general approval of something or someone. Typically people use it as a softer way to say fucks but also because it is a polite alternative to cussing.

Note: If said with -ing at the end, then the z gets dropped.
Frankie: What we gonna deal with for lunch today?

Sam: I was thinking Dominos.

Frankie: Oh there's one around here? Good shit, I dealz with Dominos!
by thEbx41 November 06, 2012
When you're in a room with two or more dudes for an extended period of time and not a single female is present. This is a "Hot Dogs No Buns" situation.
The senior class was throwing a party at school for Halloween. I said oh that's cool, why not drop by the party later tonight and get jiggy with the senior chicks! I get there and I see a group of guys doing the jerk and every one else was just standing in a corner... Some of them were even doing homework at the snack table. And there wasn't a damn female in sight. The girls that did show up to the party had left earlier because they were the only 2 girls in the spot, with nearly 30 guys including the science teacher. It was totally HOT DOGS NO BUNS.
by tHeBx41 October 31, 2012
Ghetto way to say the word "found". Similar to "kilt" (killed) and smelt (smelled), and quite a few other words that are often said by hoodies in the Corkseyvania area.
Here's your keys you been looking for. Pookie said he fount them under his bed.
by THEbx41 October 30, 2012
To apologize. Said immediately after making a slight mistake or after realizing that you just fouled somebody.
Aliya: Hey, you shoved me!

Trevor: My error, ma. I shoved you on purpose, but I didn't know that you were gonna get mad. Forgive me.


Trevor: Hi Im Trevor! Now that I got your attention, will you go out with me?
by tHEbX41 November 17, 2012
Chilling with your peoples, kicking back relaxing or just enjoying yourself for the moment. Also can be used to tell somebody to do the same, or to simmer down if they're being too pissy or aggressive.
Ian: So are yall easing at my place tonight or what? I'll smoke out everybody here, my treat.

Tino: Yeah man let's go over there, come on guys hurry!

Ian: Ease bro, ease... We'll get there when we get there.
by THeBX41 November 13, 2012

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