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(v)Won't; Will not.
I willnt masturbate to anything living.
by That Dude January 28, 2004
V. The act of stopping a guy from getting in a girls pants. (2) A dick move used by only the lowest of guys, and these guys should never be a "wingman" at parties or clubs.
Example 1. Jack and Jill went to the party to do the hanky panky, but little Franky is Cock Blocking Jack, and now jack will be in jail cuz he's about to murder Fanky.
Example 2. What Seth did to James in the Interview.
by That DuDe May 26, 2015
HL TFC perfection. (Euro)

also see sexeh
omg, i am almost goste status!!1
by tHAT dUDE December 29, 2004

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