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A "Laddj", is a penis, or more commonly called, a jur jur. The point with "Laddjing" is to slap your laddj in the face of someone you know. If you are laddjed, you cant use violence against the laddjer. To get back at him you need to laddj him yourself.
z0mg!!1 kiMMi was just laddjing Leif so hard in his eye! Awesome!
by t3h kiMMi July 22, 2008
Someone who is so sexy that all you can say to that person is; z0mg you're so WUBALICIOUS! And, a big jur jur is required to be called WUBALICIOUS!
awmagawd, that Norwegian dude kiMMI is so WUBALICIOUS!
by t3h kiMMi July 22, 2008
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