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a curly ass mohawk. Noun.
Guy 1:yo D, that nigga got a curly ass mohawk
guy 2:nah niggah that a "Curlhawk"
guy 1:Fo shizzle
guy 2:why are we speaking in 1999 slang
guy 1:idk lets stp it up, frszzle.
by t00kansamm June 08, 2007
A sex act similar to "Doggy Style" in which the females legs are kept tightly pressed together. When preformed correctly, the female will shout in a manor similar to that of a yawning moose.
Guy: "You like the Yawning moose baby?"

Girl: "uAHOOOAhhh"

Guy: "Yeah ya do"
by t00kansamm May 30, 2009
pronounced "Mare-in-eight": To make someone you've made eye contact with several times with in one night, make the first move. A practice commonly used by shyer members of either sex.
Guy A: "You've been checkin' out those girls all night, go talk to one of them."
Guy B: "Nah, I'mma let them bitches marinate." (to general direction of girls) "Marinate bitches!"
by T00kansamm June 02, 2007

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