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Some know it as the juice left over after you get done boiling hot dogs, others know it as poor mans gravy, but either way, it can be a great additive to many things.
These potatoes are off the chain, how did you make them?

Just mashed up some potatoes and used hotdog water for gravy.
by T.J. Dubz February 22, 2008
A super bright flashlight, usually a sure-fire. When you shine it at someone in the dark or light, the person closes their eyes and shakes their head side to side like Ray Charles did when he played piano.
person 1: AHHH...

person 2: what dude?

person 1: That asshole just Ray Charles'd the shit out of me.
by T.J. Dubz December 31, 2007
On large car rims it is the portion of the inside of the wheel that is painted usually to match the cars paint job.
T: yo.. check out that green 64'

V: ahhh tight, its even gots da lip stick on the rims!!
by T.J. Dubz May 28, 2008
Very similar to a "tramp stamp" but this is tagged on a very obease individual. It is what most farmers use to catorgize their cows from their neighbors. But simply speaking, it is a fat ass bitch with a tatoo on the back of her waist.
OMG, look at that fat bitch with the tramp stamp.

Naaa man, thats not a tramp stamp, thats a cattle brand
by T.J. Dubz April 06, 2008
When your chin deep in balls playing Counter Strike on a shitty team and out of primary. You always end up last alive with just a glock.
Damn my team sucks monkey fuck. Well, its time to rock out with my glock out.
by T.J. Dubz February 25, 2010
A video editing term to darken the black areas of an image.
Crush the blacks. That's not racist, that's a color correction term.
by T.J. Dubz February 26, 2011
One of the more famous characters of the Jerky Boys. Kissle is a WWII (double you double you two) veteran who loves to rag on his wife and repeat what he says over and over again.
Kissle: why you laugh'n, you ever seen my wife in a negleshay, she neglected her body; should I say.

In BangKok back in double you double you two, we use to bang hookers 10 at a time for a dime. There is even a song about it, "ten at a time for a dime, ten at a time for a diiime."

by T.J. Dubz January 29, 2008

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