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crazy rapper whos got a weird voice but i think hes got potential. dem boyz was good and the video was bangin. do the damn thang by fabolous and jeezy wasnt half bad neither.
Do The Damn Thang By Fabolous Ft. Young Jeezy:

My phone is tapped and so is my livin room/
We cant hide the money here, we need a bigger room. damnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Let me show you what I stand fo/
Jesus Schwarzenegger call me commando.
On that Remy Martin; nigga matta fact/
I ain't Fat Joe but I can make em lean backkkkkkkk.
Save your ammo don't waste it/
Got him dodgin bullets like he in the matrix.
Fiends strapped and ya better deal/
Carbon 15, got six clips.
Pilsbury nigga, got a lotta dough/
Call me boss an george, got a lotta hoes.
They place orders, so I bake cakes/
I'm a bodybuilder, pump a lotta weight.
You see the diamonds in my damn chain?/
It ain't hard to tell, I do the damn thang.
by t.f.o [tha forgotten one] August 14, 2005
"street family" doesnt hav to b direct blood relationship wit somebody. street fam is a phrase for someone who is going through the struggle like u, or someone on ur block/that u grew up with/grew up in the same or neighboring areas that u did.
person 1: i grew up hustling to get my money.
person 2: word up, street fam. (slaps hands)
by t.f.o [tha forgotten one] September 16, 2005
check it out the projects is jus a nickname for a section of a city that hosts section 8 housing. porjects do normally have pimps, hustlers, gangbangers, and no police, but sometimes this aint true. chicago, l.a, detorit, atl, philly, etc, will never ever b real projects or cities, because ny ny will remain number one for all time. (the city that never sleeps naturally never will)
most ppl think that chicago, atlanta, detroit, los angeles, memphis, nashville, HOUSTON COUGH PAUL WALL and st louis are hard, but they are nuthing, compared to the city, and if u dont no which city im talkin about, THE CITY is good enough for u.
by t.f.o [tha forgotten one] August 14, 2005
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