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Place in central New Jersey that has residents of various types (whites, italians, blacks, puertoricans, jews, asians,and many illegal mexicans. Some people claim its a boring town, but theres actually some places to hang out. The school system is whatever you make it out to be, but overall it sucks. Matawan Regional High School (MRHS) prides itself on its superior sports teams. The town is a breeding place for upcoming skaters, football players, and baseball players.
1st Dude: Matawan sucks. theres nothing to do!
2nd Dude: You dumbass, you probably never leave the house and do anything. Matawan has things to offer, skating sites, bball courts, and strathmore! How about being thankful for what your town has, you ass?!
by t-hawkskaterofnj December 09, 2006
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