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2 definitions by t-dogs mcgee

When somebody does something that isn't really worth real praise, but you're happy for them.
Justin, "Hey T-dogs i got a 91 on my test!"

T-dogs, "Proudayou."
by t-dogs mcgee August 18, 2011
When something is so hilarious you crap your pants, and that crap is there for life. Its not goin' nowhere, and you can't do shit about it.
Justin: "Dude that show is absolutely hilarious."

Togs: "I know man i laughed so hard i made a buncha phooey in my pants!"

Justin: "Proudayou man, you get that out yet?"

Togs: "No dude that phooey ain't goin nowhere."

Justin: "Dude you got a bad case of Perma-phooey."
by t-dogs mcgee October 04, 2011