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A gathering to have fun. However the activities are offensive to politicians and
other authority figures.
The kids were burning shit and doing drugs,
it was a total mOBSCENE
by T-diddy March 10, 2004
A situation of a sexual nature.
Kelly and Brian's date turned into a real sexuation when they started kinoodling in public.
by T-Diddy March 01, 2004
the dastardly trick of distracting someone in public for long enough to put your testicles in their drink and then return to the bar.
the luchadors de muerto are playing at pearl, hide your drinks, they're melonballers.
by t-diddy October 12, 2004
A girl that should be hot but isn't because she wears too much make up and is comparible to products manufactured by mattel.
I'd do her but she is too much of a plastic queen....She tries to hard..
by T-diddy March 10, 2004
To blatently blast a random girl doggy-style without protection.
I had to trick fancy sport fuck this ho bare back and I flipped her backside 'cause rubbers are for faggots.
by t-diddy October 24, 2004
to relax, to chill
T-Diddy: Wud up, foo?
M-Diddy: I'm just maxin' out, chillaxin' by the pool wit all my bitches and hos! Word to yo mama, holmes.
by T-Diddy February 02, 2004
the final event of the dramatic action especially of an awsome nature
Jolly pulled an aspitastrophic maneuver in trafic today. He's Aspitastrophical!
by T-Diddy March 01, 2004
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