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lesbians, ye ole tongue in groove action
Those whores are nothin but a couple of lick sisters.
by t-bear October 07, 2003
1. hitting that azz from the back.
2. a bad case of gas.
3. taking a nasty shit.
by t-bear October 07, 2003
the Dark Forest, the Netherworld, kingdom of Uranusholia, a little south of Testicle City, the home of the terdiodion trolls, the region at the end of One Way Canyon, a region sometimes inhabited by 'clingons', the great 'colon'y of the hemroidites and dinglebearies.
Bob passed through the Grundel reion last night.
by t-bear October 07, 2003
taking a good healthy dump, sending a care package to an other worldly place, raising the river level.
Q.: Man, what you doing in there?
A.: Just feeding the sea bass.
by t-bear October 07, 2003
one who suffers from internet porn surfing with abandon.
He suffers from claytonism
by t-bear October 07, 2003
porn hound
you suffer from claytonism, you sick bastard!
by t-bear October 07, 2003
A term used for gangbanging a girl or having a group orgy in one particular area ( a small room.)
Hey guys lets have a cluster fuck over Hilary's house.
by T-Bear May 06, 2005
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