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a way to say yes. awesome. cool. a form of praise.
yeah homie!yeah boo! yeah baby!
by t'sgirl September 28, 2004
something that makes a girl stand out to guys.
damn, dat girl has some really sexy goodies. i think i'm gonna ask her out!
by t'sgirl September 28, 2004
so hot, so cute, so close to being your boo, you say it if you really want that guy!!
Man this dude is so snapalicious!
by t'sgirl September 28, 2004
a place that is benficcial to your future but yet is still so completely utterly boring after the first 5 minutes. it is cool though because you can meet so many hot guys and flirt with them. but still it is pretty boring but it will pay off in the long run so i guess it is okay.
1) when i went to school i was so sleepy but i didn't take a nap because i wanted to maintain my grades.
2) Damn i met this hot guy at school. he is my soulmate. we are gonna be together forever!
by t'sgirl September 28, 2004

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