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To be very intoxicated
F*cked up beyond all recognition
AKA: Shitfaced
You were FUBARED last night.
by T December 01, 2003
farting while bent to one side - as if to aim a fart
whoa! debbie just threw a leaner at ya
by T October 25, 2003
When one gets drunker than drunk. Like 10 times wasted!
Sean went to his bachelor party and got drunkd!
by T September 02, 2003
N.The act in which soemone of the afican american riace busts a cap into the body of a kkk member
Oh no pa! the kkkappers are here...lets hide under this here bail of hay
by t August 11, 2003
Someone that's had too many e's or other class A's.

Also applies to scatty scag'eads who'd do anything to get a bag of brown.
"Look at the state on that scatty pill'ead"

"You do wha? Chip, yuh scatty coont"
by T August 02, 2003
A male with small ears. Reported to have guitarskills. Studys so much that he forgets to play Elastomania.
Nyllet holds his twang.
by T March 24, 2003
word to describe a group of fine women
I was at the club last night and it was pinkalatous.
by T March 31, 2005
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