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153 definitions by t

Pre Cum Fluid.

The clear fluid that drips from the hole of your deek prior to ejaculation.
I was so horny that PCF was coming out of my deek before she even touched me.
by t June 30, 2004
9 9
1. A homo. A butt pirate.
2. One who enjoys exploring the anus of of another man with his willie.
Ass exlporers have a greatly increased chance of getting HIV.
by t June 29, 2004
2 2
generally used to describe the second generation of a vehicle
most frequently used to describe the 2nd generation of Toyota Supra
by T May 27, 2004
9 9
Ghetto slang for "whose book is this".
Ghetto dude notices a book on a table and asks, "dabooagdi?".
by t May 26, 2004
7 7
Arseola- the brown star around your bung hole.
I be J-Lo's arseola is 6 inches in diameter.
by T May 25, 2004
3 3
A thing or item.
Can you hand me that jazznofadeinguat over there?
by T May 18, 2004
5 5
farting while bent to one side - as if to aim a fart
whoa! debbie just threw a leaner at ya
by T October 25, 2003
2 2