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A blue blooded family of East Coast aristocratic ilk who moved to Texas during an early 20th century oil rush. Thus bush family was able to increased wealth exponentially (on the backs of poor white & hispanic oil workers). NOT unlike Civil War Yankee CARPETBAGGERS, they took on regional mannerisms and affected southern drawls in order to assimilate and pass for Texans. The bush family strategy has been DYNASTICALLY successful (not to mention even producing TWO US Presidents to date).
If the truth be known, they aint nothing but a bunch of phony, bush family carpetbaggin' yankees!
by T Wade August 02, 2005
Previous author of juicy soft porn LESBIAN novel set in the pioneering old west titled, Sisters. Current wife of Dick and second lady only to Pickles ( see laura bush). Also chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (have you applied for your grant yet?). In 2000 during an interview, Cokie Roberts asked about her openly gay daughter. She adamantly refused to answer the question and admonished Roberts for even bringing up the subject.
Lynne Cheney wanted to tell the publisher to “go fuck yourself” when she learned they were going to reprint her 80s novel about lesbians of the old west. She held her tongue since that was her husband's favorite line. Instead she said, "How dare you mention the word lesbian to me. You cock sucking shit stain.”
#dick cheney #laura bush #bush family #aunt tomasina #george w. bush
by T Wade November 04, 2005
The latest Republican fear mongering talking point. Primary aim: Scare Americans with talk of pandemic in order to change the subject from Scooter Libby's indictment, Supreme Court nomination failure, Bush's approval rating at 38%, GOP decision to cut senior drug benefits, Karl Rove still under investigation, etc., etc.
White House Subject: bird flu
George W. Bush to Karl Rove:
"Don't forget to call Condi and remind her to talk about the horrors of the birdy flu panademic DISease. Does anyone in Amurica have this thing yet? We need pictures, TV interviews. This birdy thang is gonna save our arses."
#karl rove #dick cheney #lynne cheney #bush family #condi
by T Wade November 04, 2005
Nickname for Bush's sycophant mouthpiece aka Secretary of State. See also Aunt Tomasina.
It's hard to believe that Condi is still trying to push that yellow cake WMD tale down our throats. Who's gonna believe that Aunt Tomasina now?
#aunttomasina #rice #bush #cheney #state
by T Wade September 24, 2005
According to one source on the internet hige refers to the creases across the top of the legs of vintage Levi jeans - usually the so called "big E" variety. It's like where the jeans bunch up when you sit down. However, I think it can also be used to refer to any person, place or thing that has a distressed, rather lived in look.

Damn. Laura is givin' some major hige today. Must be the drugs and that wild life she's livin'.
#kitty whiskers #vintage levis #501s #big e #wrinkles
by T Wade October 17, 2005
What a nelly queen with a lisp calls the City by the Bay.
"Than Franthisco is oh sooooo homothexual honey."
by T Wade August 16, 2005
A term used to describe a person’s anus or sphincter muscle; derived from the general color and shape of this particular orifice.
Rule #1 - Always keep your Taupe Star shiny and clean.
#anus #sphincter #taupe #star #asshole
by T Wade October 20, 2005
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