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The male sex organ, suffering from a blueish discoloration resulting from excessive fornication with Smurfs.
Jim: Yo, did you hear 'bout Tom?

Steve: Nah, what up wit' that fool?

Jim: Word is his moms walked in on him wit' his pants down, laying on top of his little sister's stuffed smurf doll. When he jumped up to go hide in the closet she had to laugh at his pathetic little blue-green penis.

Steve: Damn son, that bitch needs to keep his cock-a-teal in his pants.
by szsmll August 14, 2010
An exclamation used by women (generally caucasian) to imply a sense of triumph or one-upwomanship over others. Its origin evolved out of the sense of having bested one's peers that most females feel once they've intiated a relationship with a black male possessing superior genitalia. It is now used generically in reference to any situation where they have surpassed or out-performed other women in some way.
Jacky: OMG Linda, did you get breast implants too?

Linda: Ya, I figured if I was going to go through with it, I might as well go big, so I got me some D cups.

Jacky: Wow, I just went from an A to a C. Damn!

Linda: Black dick, bitch!

Jane: I can't believe Jacky and Linda both got implants in the same week.

Sandy: Ya isn't it crazy? Jacky was devastated when she found out Linda had gotten D cups.

Jane: Yep, Linda totally black dicked her.
by szsmll August 14, 2010

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