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The brown stool matter which is in an unsolidified state which seeps out of the anus of a woman or a man
Last night I tasted some brown sauce and it was not the HP sauce or Marmite kind.
by syrecia February 10, 2008
The act of being able to bend, stretch, squeeze or twist the penis and ball bags in a number of unconventional positions.

i.e you have the 'snail position': twisting the ball bag so that it falls on top of the erect penis to imitate the shell of the snail

the 'female position': placing the penis in between the balls and streching it to hide it in between your legs. Then use the skin of the ball bags to create two labia flaps.
Dude 1: hey dude, i,ve decided what i want to do with my life!

Dude 2: what?

Dude 1: run away to the circus and be a penis contortionist
by syrecia February 10, 2008
This term means that someone or something looks good
your clothes look bashy

or 'that Mercedes looks bashy'
by syrecia February 10, 2008

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