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tr.v. (Rok'-ne-tize)
1. To put into an artificially induced altered state of consciousness, characterized by heightened enjoyment and receptivity to awesomenity, by use of Rock.
2. To fascinate by, or as if by, Rock.

(Etymology: Blend of Rock and Hypnotize. Originated by Sean and Nick)
Dude! This concert awesome! It's totally rocknotizing me!

Rocknotized by the mellifluous sounds of the 1987 Venice Beach Bowling League Playoff, The Dude was caught unawares by Maude and her nefarious Rug Bandits.
by syoebius August 11, 2005
The lack of power one has to accomplish a responsibility paired with being accountable for that responsibility.
Being powerless to do your job. This is a form of getting Set Up To Fail.

The lack of confidence derived from being powerless; a sense of hopelessness.

Etymology: Blend of the negating prefix "Non" with "Authority"
"I just got out of a meeting with The Bobs - apparently I've been given nonthority over TPS reports now, since I have get them all done but only Bill can send out any emails about them."

"How are those TPS reports going?"
"Oh - just great. I'm the nonthority on them."
by syoebius October 08, 2013
An acronym for "paywall; didn't read"

Indicates that a web page or site wasn't read because accessing it requires payment to view.

Synonym of bp;dr, an acronym for "behind paywall; didn't read'.
Etymology: An adaptation of tl;dr, an acronym for "too long; didn't read".
"You cited an article from the Washington Post as your source but pw;dr"
by syoebius October 08, 2013

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