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1 An extremely elite way to say menu screen in a video game.

2. Stoping and giving up at a certain point in a video game claiming the game is "unbeatable".
yo click on that zero level to enter the game.

This is the unbeatable zero level of this video game.
by syntrus November 23, 2006



Someone who when playing a dice game, does not role the dice all the way, and just smacks the dice down in the palm of his or her hand. Thus ruining the game. After one flapjacks it is socially unacceptable to ask for a do over.


"Yo mother fucker you flapjack more then an international house of pancakes."

"*dice roll* "Oh shit I flapjacked can I do over?"
by syntrus November 18, 2009
a place full of sexist women wanting you to chop off your dick.
Oh my god these bitches are running a chop house!
by syntrus November 23, 2006
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