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Getting 100% in any Zelda game. Meaning, all heart pieces and containers, various side quest items, item upgrades, etc.
It took me forever to do my OCD Zelda run of Ocarina of Time, but man, do I feel accomplished.
by synema March 21, 2009
A three heart run of any Zelda game. May also include other hinderances such as no sword upgrades or additional bottles.
Man, I just got done beating Real Zelda. That was tough work.
by synema March 21, 2009
Playing any Zelda game with as many hearts containers, fairies and various other items you can find to make the game as simple and easy as possible.
Robert's Mediocre Zelda run wasn't THAT impressive, every has done that by now.
by synema March 21, 2009

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