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Pretty cool place to go to school. Very chill, very relaxed. Probably the most peaceful and naturey place in the LBC. Alot of people who come here didn't choose LBSU as a first choice school. Despite this, it grows on them and becomes their second home. It's a great school and there's all kinds of cool/crazy shit going down(social, cultural, political). There's also the hippie dude offering "free face painting".

Commuter school. HOWEVER, as long as you either:
1.Join/make friends with greek
2.Live/make friends with close by apartment/house people
3.Live/make friends with dorm people,
You will do more than your fair share in participating in good old fashioned college depravity/debauchery. Many students fail to recognize this, and often bitch about how, "everyone's partying except for me..."

After 3 years or so, you stop caring about why the fuck you wanted to go Ivy so badly...Not that you become ambitiously apathetic, but you just appreciate academics on a whole different level.

CSULB legendary alumni:
CSULB kid: I just graduated, with like only $5,000 in debt! Thank god csulb was so cheap!

private school kid: awww man....i just got my degree in underwater basket weaving and i got like 25 grand!
by synbaddasayla December 26, 2008

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