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Only the cutest couple to ever walk the earth. Combination of Braxton and Sydnie, these two definitely have what all people crave. They're both incredible, and think the world of eachother. Be very jealous.
"Did you see Braxnie together today?"

"Oh definitely, they're so cute!"
by sydnieonfire January 08, 2010
Originated from the popular xbox360 game, "Gears of War 2", falcon is a verb -- the act of being in someone's way, bigtime.
* while playing GoW2 *

guy1- "Dude! help me get these guys, im getting owned!"
guy2- "i cant, this dude is totally falconing me and i cant see/get around to help you."

example 2:

* in classroom, teacher giving notes on a chalkboard *
teacher-"blah blah blah blah *write* blah blah blah blah blah"
student-"teacher, you're being a giant falcon and standing in front of what you just wrote. we cant see."
by sydnieonfire January 08, 2010
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