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adn is simply for lazy assed bastard to lazy to type 'any day now'
-im guna fly adn

-im gunna stop being lazy adn
by sydney rules dis world June 15, 2006
Preston from is in odinary boys, the popular english band. He is a tosser and a wanker and a asshole an basicaly a total fuck up. His band bacame more famous when he entered the celebrity big brother house and faked a relationship with then non-celebrity chantelle even though the skeeze was already engaged to another women. Chantelle lured him to her to win the public vote with there fake love, even though she was and still is already fake enough with her stupid blonde hair extenions and flase ditzy behaviour. They continued there reationship n r now engaged n chantelle is roumered to be pregnant despite the fact the stupid fools have only known each other for around 6 months (i thought id link pregnant for u idiots out there who are not sure of its meaning) . They are both idiots, preston is apparently fit but in my opinion he needs to sort his wardrobe out an has a pointy face. He is also extremly rude, as is chantelle they were rude to me and because of this i have come to the decision that they are total fuckups. ROCK ON ME. his music crap also.
Preston is in the cruddy band the ordinary boys, preston smells, preston is a tithead
by sydney rules dis world June 15, 2006
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