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(Also known as Scheffler)

Schefflasaurs, meaning "chemistry dog lizard" (from the Greek Scheffler meaning 'gigantic load of homework related ions that growl at people' and sauros/óáõñïò meaning 'lizard'), is a deprecated genus of sauropod dinosaurs.
Person 1: Hey man, wanna chill afterschool?
Person 2: I can't... I've got to deal with a brutal schefflasaurus tonight.
Person 1: I'll get the caffeine pills.
by sycophant November 01, 2007
A conceited person; a narcissist

This term isn't used to refer to someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

Warning: usage of this word makes you look like an idiot if female, or like a douchebag if male. In any case of gender, this may cause the reaction of "what the fuck?" to appear.
Girl 1: OMG I absolutely ADORE my hair right now, it's teased just the right way and I didn't even have to put in more than two hours on it this morning!! Did I mention I have SUCH a great bod! I'm GORGEOUS!
Girl 2: what a narcy.
Girl 3: WTF?
by sycophant November 03, 2007
In a classroom/graded setting, one relies on the current postitive status of their grade, using it as a buffer in hopes to get to the end of the grading period doing little or no work with mild to no consequence.

Similar to how a tank in an MMO can rely on buffs to stay alive in a mob, a mob being in this case either a class or a giant-ass homework load.
Augh, fuck IB Chemistry. I'm tanking it.
by sycophant November 01, 2007

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