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An expendable e-mail account which is established for registrational purposes, so as to catch all relative junk mail, keeping the user's primary e-mail account unaffected.
"I just registered with www.girlswithbadbreath.com, but I was smart this time and used my sacrificial e-mail account address - so I won't get all the trash mail (or evidence) in my work e-mail."
by swt1124 October 29, 2008
a viciously mean person or animal.
Holy shit, that lunch lady was meaner than a cunt badger!
by swt1124 January 29, 2009
a person that gets easily confused and/or frustrated when trying to figure out how to use a computer or it's applications.
Joe keeps calling me every five minutes trying to figure out how to run iTunes, he is such a putergimp..."
by swt1124 January 29, 2009

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