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the act of typing flusteringly while talking to someone who makes you crazy
i was talking with my girl and i was so flustered i was totally fyping
by swords girl November 21, 2010
derived vaguely from "flustered" and "reading," frustrated reading, when you are emailing, texting or chatting a significant and you read too fast because you are exceptionally excited to be talking to them, the act of skipping words or misunderstanding what they are saying because you are so giddy to be talking to them
i was fleedaling so bad yesterday i couldnt even read the back of your shirt!
by swords girl December 11, 2010
to press enter mid word, because you are flustered to be talking to you significant other, and are so excited to tell them (any) something

did you just entergast?
by swords girl February 08, 2011
cute anal sex
i love having adoranal sex, its so cute
by swords girl November 22, 2010
a sexy bee
i saw a scary looking wasp the other day, it was definatley not a beexy
by swords girl December 08, 2010
a special type of nomad that specializes in computers
Im such a computer nerd, and i want to move from place to place. Im gonna become a nomac
by swords girl December 03, 2010
failage to input spaces (while texting, emailing, chatting that special person; note: generally happens in an excited state)
I was chatting my man, and I was just so stoked to be talking to him, I kept fracing, I couldn't hit the space bar enough!
by swords girl December 11, 2010

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