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1. Technically a definition for anyone who is from the American continent.

2. Typically used to refer to North American citizens of the United States of America, and from here on used in this context.

3. The greatest allies England has ever had.

4. Generally hard working, honest, intelligent and likeable
Ignorant twat 1. All Americans are stupid and fat.
Ignorant twat 2. No, Americans from the USA are stupid and fat, the rest are alright.

Intelligent Person. I doubt either of you two simpletons hare ever been to America, let alone the USA and I expect you have never actually spoken to an American. They are our brothers across the ocean and I would die to project them. In a world full of enemies it is time to recognise your greatest friends.

Ignorant twat 1. What? (accompanied by a puzzled look)
Ignorant twat 2. He's a Yank lover.
Intelligent Person. You two have annoyed be sufficiently that I'm going to beat the fuck out of your inward looking and racist faces.

Ignorant twats run off to watch the latest American film.
by swoodsy January 21, 2010

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