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Slang for sneaking off before work to smoke marijuana.

Meeting held before another meeting to get in the right frame of mind.
All of the raft guides disappeared before loading rafts on the bus, they must be at their safety meeting

Is there any way I can schedule some time for a safety meeting before that big presentation?
by swivet February 05, 2010
n. A type of cooking that involves a bunch of rednecks around an outdoors deep fryer, trying to find things to deep fry. This act is usually accompanied by copious amounts of domestic beer and country music.

Types of food deep fried during this event typically start with traditional fare such as frog legs and possum, but then move onto more exotic dishes such as pound cake, dinner rolls, and marshmallows. Higher levels of inebriation typically result in more creative contributions to the culinary world.
While camping at Rattler Ford during our traditional Redneck Fondue, we discovered that deep fried pound cake tastes like donuts

Typical conversation:
"What're we eatin'"
"Ain't rightly sure, let's see if it'll fry at the Redneck Foundue"
by swivet February 06, 2010
The feeling of loss or emptiness one has after an epic bowel movement. This feeling can be accompanied by separation anxiety mixed with a feeling of euphoria. In most cases, a feeling of "lightness" or "lightening" may be experienced.
The day after eating at that Brazilian steakhouse followed by 2 cups of coffee I suffered from Post Pootum Depression.

Last night I sat staring at the wall, feeling empty, like a big part of me was just flushed away. I think I was suffering from Post Pootum Depression.
by swivet February 05, 2010
v. slang for an extended period of masturbation.

Sitting in your bell tower, hunchbacked, making a squinty face, and ringing your bell all day and all night long.
After John's girlfriend dumped him, he disappeared. I think he was quasimodo.
by swivet February 06, 2010

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