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14 definitions by swisscheeseman

A weapon, invented in the cold war to cause rofling on Russian Submarines so they would light up on sonar and they could be lit up. now used to make fist rise to the surface with hystaria
Fire the ROFL torpedo!!!
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
a name to replace the real name of someone who is proned to being an idiot and general idiocy.
I was just thuggin then Jonesy, over here, decided it would be a good idea to flush my baseball bat down the toilet.
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
A Dangerous operation that will most likley end up causing you to fall down a hole and Break at least 12 bones, that or it will bring you pain from a homosexual FBI agent
This Robbery sounds like Perilous benefit to me
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
A Dangerous Elixer composed of Toxic chemicals and table salt used to kill phesants and train the knights of colombus
I tasted the nephron squares, and it was delicious
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
An Adj. used to define something so incredible that it's ridicolus.
I have an incredolus amount of dangur Buttur on my toast
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
The best word to use When describing something that is sposed to be artistic, but in truth it makes absolutly no sence to you
I really like the artists use of Dramatized Spectrumisim in this painting
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
A gross misspelling of an underpopulated country
I killed the Kardnal Of Kanada... It was kool
by SwissCheeseMan October 11, 2004