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describing a product, that is so awesome, you want to buy it the instant you see it
Person 1: "hey check it out, a t-shirt with a lion riding a flying manta ray, just $10 today only"

Person 2: "oh my god, instabuy"
by swissarmyshark June 27, 2011
the sound, similar to tinkerbell-like ringing, a car makes alerting the driver that his/her seatbelt has not been fastened yet
Guy 1: "I usually don't buckle up if I know I'm only going to be the car for a second, but the damn seatbelt fairy wouldn't shut up, so I gave in"

Guy 2: "I actually don't mind it, she reminds when I'm danger."

Guy1: "True. Thanks Seatbelt Fairy!"
by swissarmyshark December 14, 2009
a hustler or very talented player at many trades
Guy 1: "Wow, you designed the whole project, and its website, AND pitched the sale to the company?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, I'm like a swiss army knife"

Guy 1: "More like a swiss army shark"
by swissarmyshark November 23, 2011
To be on the receiving end of a joke or prank, causing others to laugh at your expense. Playing on the words funny bone and pwned.
Guy 1: "Did you see his face when he realized his car was filled with badgers?!"

Guy 2: "It was priceless, he got funny pwned"
by swissarmyshark July 16, 2009

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