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Sexual act involving the connection of three human beings via face to bung hole. In most cases knee caps are broken to simulate proper centipede moving mechanisms.
Man last night sucked I got stuck as the caboose in our human centipede.
by swiss beets April 30, 2010
When some joker is doing the illest, coolest, flyest things possible
Man Bird was ballin on em aint he doh. Aint he doh!!!
by swiss beets April 30, 2010
Bring your own pop
Man the other day in calculus our teacher said byop for our Saturday study session
by swiss beets May 02, 2010
Boner for Apparent Reason
Nothing gives me a more raging bfar than being the caboose on the human centipede
by swiss beets May 02, 2010
A type of histeria brought on by listening to too much Justin Bieber.
Person A: "I'm getting Cabin Bieber...we've been listening to him for the past 8 hours."
Person B: "There's only one cure for that...WAKA FLACKA FLAME!"
by Swiss Beets March 07, 2011

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