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refering to the large rigid airship consisting of a cylindrical trussed and covered frame supported by internal gas cells
Look at the zeppelins on her!
by swingman April 14, 2005
1. the fear of music

2. the most bad ass band ever
Did u hera melophobia play last night?
by swingman March 31, 2005
a girl in class that gets tests pushed back by using her sexuality or exposing her Zeplins
Did u see how Hayley Zugmaier is dressed today? It must be test day.
by swingman April 13, 2005
a white guys penis of massive girth
I stuck my wide white wand in Hailey's mouth.
by swingman April 01, 2005
mark fucked up the word kaffa, so thats what we call it now
Damn kackles! Get the fuck outta my way!
by swingman March 31, 2005

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