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The Arabic equivilant to red neck. A poor Arab. A lower class Arab.

Sheroogie is a colloquialism of the greater Baghdad area.
"That man is a sheroogie. He probably lives in Fedalayah."
by swimp May 17, 2009
The act of copulating the stomatic abdominal opening of a colostomy patient.
Pete - "Bro, I heard you were trying to bang Stacy. You know she has a colostomy bag right?"

Travis - "I gives no fucks. Im'ma side pipe that slut."
by swimp March 09, 2015
When a man penetrates any orifice of another persons body with his penis.

This term is a product of the popular line from the LOTR series. EX. "You will taste manflesh!" Or; "I smell manflesh."

Use the line in a single word verb fashion. EX, Manfleshed or manfleshing or simply manflesh.
"Dude, I manfleshed that chick over there.
by swimp May 17, 2009

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