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when a single turd is so huge is resembles a brick. when you have pooped a brick it is often neccessary to break up the turd in order to get it to flush. this type of turd cannot have toilet paper with it as it is flushed often requiring multiply flushes. can also be used as a comparision such as i would rather lite myself on fire then {poop} a brick.
the girl at the swimming pool pooped a brick and left it there. the lifeguard were so surprised he almost poop a brick himself.
by swimmerguy August 16, 2011
Tiny town 3 hours from Kansas city in south west missouri. a redneck town with a lot of hispanics that work at Butterball turkey plant. the whole big fish small pond thing happens alot with almost no attractive females. the highschool is right next to a corn field. the school mascot is a blue and white tiger.
Dude 1: hey dude i went to Carthage Mo last week.
Dude 2:where's that?
Dude 1: i dont know.
by swimmerguy August 15, 2011

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