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3 definitions by swiggie

1) a bbq and fixin's buffet located in Bryan, Tx. Buppy is a mentally challenged ruhtard who enjoys eating skrimp and cronin around
Crone 1: Man I could really use some buppy's?
Crone 2: Sheeeee' I'm down for some feeeixxinns
Jabrone 1: Rim Rim
Puckered Swig: Where's my buppy? Yais
*smerks a berwl*
by Swiggie November 21, 2013
A jog with intermittent walking in beween jogs.
I jalked all the way home.
I couldn't jog the whole distance so I jalked.
The girl was jalking along the towpath.
Do you want to jalk with me?
Look at those jalkers.
He jalks to keep fit.
by swiggie May 09, 2013
an inn or public house that also serves food.

A mixture of a Pub and an Eatery
We'll meet at the Pubbery near the bridge for a pint and some grub.
by swiggie November 12, 2011