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2 definitions by swgmaster97

The act of going to someone's house then proceding to take the garbage bag out of the can then taking a massive dump in the can. After this you can top it off with some throw up and urine to make a thick mess. Lastley you close the lid leaving to mix to soak for preferabley 2-3 hours in a hot climate. Hopefully this mix will cause who ever opens the can to also throw up in it incressing the stench. Similar to a mexican hot pocket
Dude i gave Ryan a trash can surprise after he went to sleep so it will be able to sit for a while.

by swgmaster97 January 30, 2012
To disregard something a bitch says in one simple phrase. Bitch please can also be used when a bitch is being bitchy
Example for definition one
bitch:we should go out
you:bitch please

Example for definition two
bitch: you are such a douch
you:bitch please
by swgmaster97 February 08, 2012