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The regular time during the day when one has to go drop a deuce.

ex. an hour after morning coffee; an hour after lunch; a little after dinner
Person P: hey can we meet @ 10 to discuss future plans
Person L: Nah thats deuce o'clock you guys, we gotta do it later.
Person P: Word ok lets do noon cause my deuce o'clock is @ 1.
by SwetePete June 22, 2012
Guido hair. Typically a shiny and greasy vertical spike-style, the guidoo wearer looks much like a confused farmer who has just successfully milked a bull. Guidoos vary in length from year to year but are always very greasy. Must contain no less than 2 different haircare products. Must take at least 20 minutes to orchestrate.
With his blistering forehead acne and his shiny new Guidoo, Chet looked as if he'd been bobbing for french fries.
by swetepete February 06, 2010

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