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When comments or wall posts left on a friend's Facebook profile, posts, or pictures are later deleted, either 1) by the owner of the profile or 2) by the person who originated the post.

1) Occurs most frequently when comments are unflattering or incriminating. Also can be necessary to delete over posts left by the person you're casually banging, in attempt to lay claim on your or salt your game.

2) Often required after drunkbooking
1) "Dude-- don't write on my wall about getting wasted with me before work! Glad I post-censored you before my boss saw it!"

2) "I can't believe I wrote 'I love you' on my exes wall and commented on like 15 pictures.... I hope I post-censored before he woke up this morning!"
#facebook #drunkbooking #delete #posts #censoring
by sweetsarahbelle February 14, 2011
A more up-to-date way to annoy friends on social networking sites. A "new rick roll" becomes especially necessary when no one even checks the links you post anymore, because you've already rick rolled all your friends multiple times.

Specific examples of the new rick roll can include but are not limited too: running a straight like on someone's page or pulling a status highjack.
Mike: What are you giggling about?
Sally: I just straight liked five people, its my new rick roll.
#rick roll #straight like #facebook #myspace #prank
by sweetsarahbelle February 01, 2011
The process of taking a shower when the drain is clogged with hair or other funkiness, and the tub fills with water while you're in there.

Can also be used to describe the actual tub you are trying to shower in, but standing ankle deep in water...
Hey girl. Can I come shower at your place? Mine's a total ankle bath right now, and I don't feel like dealing with it.
#bath shower #shower bath #ankel bath #shower tub #free drainer
by sweetsarahbelle February 01, 2011
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