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The opposite of an anti-smoker.
They're having another pro-smoker meeting in the lounge. Wanna go, they've got free donuts.
by sweetness-and-light May 03, 2007
A working class, dangerous neighborhood in southeast San Diego. Its gangs have been at war with Valencia Park gangs.
Sherman Heights is near Barrio Logan and Shelltown.
by sweetness-and-light April 30, 2007
followed by 'hoo'. An exclamation. Something that you say at the beginning of a road trip.
woo hoo! i am so psyched!
by sweetness-and-light April 30, 2007
When you do something while listening to a song, and for ages afterwards whenever you listen to the song, you remember that thing you did while listening to it.
omg this song reminds me of when we were chillin in North Park and it was on the radio at that thrift store. Remember how Kenny got diarrhea in Vintage Religion?

No! how do you remember that?

oh it's an ear memory.

by sweetness-and-light May 01, 2007
A foamy white substance that comes from a can like whipped cream. It usually has no smell but can sometimes smell sweet and flowery. It can be used on wet or dry hair, to minimize poof and if used in a large quantity, can produce the effect of crunchy, shiny, wet-looking curls. Using mousse has many different names, such as scrunching, moussing, or sponging. Used very widely by Latinas.
can you knock on ceci's door and ask if she got any more mousse I can borrow?
by sweetness-and-light May 24, 2007
A CareBear gone evil. Hobbies include smoking rollies, vandalizing property, and cussing your ass out.
My biggest fear is that in the middle of the night my CareBear will be transformed into a SwearBear.
by sweetness-and-light April 30, 2007
A sentence comprising of almost all cuss words.
Verbal Slap

That asshole bastard bitched about fucking that slutty cunt!
by sweetness-and-light April 30, 2007

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