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Scrumptuous plus Delicious. When something is extra delicious and you want to add even more ephasis in how good it is you put the 2 words together and wahla!
This cookies and creme pie is scrumpdillyicious!
by sweetmagnoliya December 29, 2011
fantastic and ballistic are combined together. This refers to when someone gets so excited about something they love, they go ballistic over it! This may include jumping up and down wildly, screaming at the top of ones lungs, hugging everyone in the near vicinity even if they are perfect strangers, pretty much temporary insanity.
The cheerleading team were so excited when they made the final cut at the competition that they went into a fantaballistic fit of simultanious spasms, somewhat like a mosh pit on a trampoline.
by sweetmagnoliya January 03, 2012
This is a combination of fantastic and autistic. This is a person that is autistic and has a talent that people think is fantastic. Kinda like rain man who could do mathmatical equations instantly.
It is fantastistic how he can stack those playing cards 6 feet high without having them collapse!

It can be fantastistic to be autistic when you have a fascinating ability to do something far better than almost anyone else.
by sweetmagnoliya January 03, 2012

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