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The most awesome person in the whole world you could ever meet. He has the kindest heart and will always put a smile on your face. He is a child of God and has a deep love for God; a Christian. He is so hilarious and no matter what will have you laughing like crazy. He is defiantly handsome with those side burns and nicely trimmed beard of his. He will warm your heart with his beautiful voice as he sings to your soul. He could never lie to you only because he'd never have a reason to; he's always truthful. He is Puerto Rican with his dark tan gorgeous skin. He is smart and charming and very sweet, he always knows the right things to say. He is a lady's man, he could win any girl's heart. He's there when you need comfort, he's your shoulder to cry on or your laugh when those tears need to go away. He truly can be you're dream boy, he's absolutely perfect. Hes down to earth and will always be real to you. He is extremely respectful and the biggest sweetheart to ever meet, he may be super silly like 24/7 but that's what makes him-him, and he'll never disappoint you ever. He's extremely happy all the time, nothing gets him down. He's super friendly so like of course he'll be the one to come up to you first and talk to you and sooner than later you two will be laughing together and become good friends :)

I'll just be straight forward now:

-He is truly thee most amazing guy. :)
Jaimie: Do you know Ruben Melendez?

Alicia: Yes, he always makes me laugh like all the time!

Jaimie: Yeah I know right!!! Guess what?

Alicia: What?

Jaimie: I actually think he's finally fell for someone..

Alicia: No way!!! I've had like the biggest crush on him for like ever! Who is she?

Jaimie: ....Thalia? I'm sure thats her name.... but yeah like he's got her heart ;)

Alicia: Dang, I swear that girl is lucky.
by sweetly4trm June 21, 2011

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