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A man's sanctuary, a man cave, a basement or getaway within the household.
While the old lady's having her tupperware party, me and boys are heading downstairs to my manctuary to play some cards and drink some tall boys!
by sweetjdubs June 18, 2010
Having 3 or more degrees and still not being able to find employment thereafter.
John just finished his Master's Degree and now employers are saying he's overqualified. He already had an Associates and a Bachelors and still can't find a job! The only things he's receiving are 3rd Degree Resume BURNS!
by sweetjdubs August 06, 2010
A parody of the word and famous online encyclopedia wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
How old is Jerry Seinfeld now? I don't know, let me go check wrong-o-pedia = )
by sweetjdubs June 27, 2010

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