15 definitions by sweetgy

Chronic odor of the breath, acquired from eating pussy on a regular basis.
I had a bad case of vaginatosis when I dated that bitch.
by sweetgy June 25, 2009
Oozing, gummy substance found within the pussy. Often smells like rotten fish or low tide at the beach.
I put my hands down that bitches' pants and scooped out a lot of vaginagunk with my fingers.
by sweetgy June 24, 2009
Dressing half (or more) naked, exposing ass, tits, pussy, naval.
Dress code indicates that the female shouldn't dress like a whore by displaying her meat.
by sweetgy June 18, 2009
Just what it says. Defined by the act of sticking your nose in the asscrack to see how ripe the hole is. Same thing dogs do, just person on person.
I pull down her pants and did some smellin ass.
by sweetgy June 17, 2009
A romantic night without a man. Ladies night out, and/or lesbians together. Specifically eliminates any and all men from the activity.
Lisa and Sue went out for a mantic night on the town.
by sweetgy June 17, 2009
Fat rolls on the female. Often accompanied by a foul stink. Often layered.
Julie is so damn fat, she has excessive meatphlaps. Each time she moves, her meatphlaps release trapped gas that stink up the room.
by sweetgy June 21, 2009
Female on the rag/on her period. Her meat is spoiled, not fresh.
Lisa is spoiled meat right now.
by sweetgy July 15, 2009

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