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Female that loves to display her meat on webcam. Usually uglier than they think they are, their pathetic life consists of showing off their meat.
Melissa is one of those camwhores. I saw her online the other day displaying her fat ass.
by sweetghy June 27, 2009
Taking it upon oneself to be on a vaginal conquest. Getting as much pussy as possible within a specified amount of time. Fucking as many females as possible.
I am quite exhasted after fucking all of those ho's on my last vaginathon.
by sweetghy June 16, 2009
To use a worthless bitch for getting your nut off. Modus operundi via making the skank think she matters to you, then getting in her pants under the presumptive lie that you care for her as a person.
That bitch is a whore, now Im gonna fuckandump her for another worthless cunt.
by sweetghy November 08, 2009
What your hand smells like after sticking high up the rectal cavity of a female.
I needed some soap to get rid of that nasty fistink.
by sweetghy September 28, 2009
excessive amount of scummy ooze excreted by a female on the rag. Spoiled meat, vaginagunk.
I think that bitch has vaginareah, I can smell her from here.
by sweetghy August 19, 2009
Penis of excessive length.
I know my bitch loves my longschlong up her ass.
by sweetghy June 26, 2009
A guy who gets laid as often as possible. Characterized by getting lots of females that lack morals, values, and self respect. Conqueror of the female parts. Can lay claim to owning the used female. Has the right to brag about how many he uses.
Joe was a real vaginal conquistador when he was in college.
by sweetghy June 16, 2009

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