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A man-child whose sexual appetite borders on the absurd. A social anomaly, The Dave is a bundle of energy and inappropriateness that may never be understood. He is the guy in the club that is turned around in the corner tucking its' boner against his stomach to hide his excitement. If you press up against him in a social situation, you run the risk of getting tastefully "felt up". It is something you look at in awe and disgust at the same time, like a charismatic dictator, only with a booger in his stubble. Once you meet "The Dave" your life will change.
Last night, Martin was totally channeling "The Dave", he got 3 numbers, 2 sloppy make-outs, 6 hard-ons, and bargained the pizza guy down to $2!
by sweetdaddy May 08, 2009

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