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The most gorgeous, amazeing, perfect-in-her-own-way, has a great styl, could have anybody in the rld if she wanted them. It is very easy for people to envy, she is her own person, and diesnt take crap from anybody. <3
Shes got to be an Olivia
by sweetcakes April 14, 2012
A person who tries to find revenge and can do it. They call it Evil fart because they're they're determined for revenge
She's mad and wants her revenge. She's an Evil Fart
by Sweetcakes December 27, 2013
something very vague that makes no sense, often used by ambiguous people to confuse you since it has so many possible definitions. used by confused people who don't know what they want: could be nookie/sumpin sweet/randy baby could be just...a cookie made of flour and semisweet morsels. one never knows...ARGH so frustrating!
pizza was good, movie was good. then even when no cookies are present sayin..."time to eat a cookie."

by sweetcaKes February 21, 2006
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