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(British Slang)
A derogatory term for a black person.
''Oi you zooloo skank dont mess with him!''
by sweet jesus September 04, 2006
Describing someone who is very skinny in a non derogatory manner
''man your skin and bones put some weight on!!''
by sweet jesus July 15, 2006
A Stupid person which has nothing better to do
''what are you doin you muppet!''
by sweet jesus May 05, 2006
the full word from spaz
fully retarded and acts like a prick and and a offensive way to call someone who has very serious disorders with their body....
''hey look at this spaztic trying to do a sick pose!''
by sweet jesus February 26, 2006
A homosexual male (derogatory)
(Scottish slang)
''eee look at that wee jobber jabber pulling his bumchum HEEEE HE HE!''
by sweet jesus July 07, 2006
see Dandruff
Dry scaly and shredded skin
''whats dem nasty pieces in ya hair gal looks EWW! SCURF
by sweet jesus July 19, 2006
The Mafia, was referred to in Italian as Cosa Nostra "Our Thing" or "This Thing of Ours", is a secret society that evolved from Italian Organized Crime in mid-19th century Sicily. An offshoot emerged on the East Coast of the United States during the late 19th century following waves of Italian immigration to that country.

The Mafia's power in the United States peaked in the mid-20th century, until a series of FBI investigations in the 1970s and 1980s somewhat curtailed the Mafia's influence. Despite the decline, the Mafia and its reputation have become entrenched in American popular culture, portrayed in movies, TV shows, and even product commercials
"Mafia" is today often used by extension to refer to any large group of people engaged in criminal racketeering activities, such as the Russian Mafia, Black Mafia, Mexican Mafia, Japanese Yakuza, Irish Mob, Chinese Triads, Albanian mafia, Cuban Mafia, Indian mafia, Cormafia, and several other ethnic organized crime groups.
''The Mafia were powerful''
by sweet jesus May 31, 2006
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